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Title First date on chart Weeks Best position
 Long Tall Shorty 30 jan 1965 7 2
 Black Eyed Woman 31 jul 1965 1 10
 Dum Dum 22 okt 1966 7 1
 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah 10 dec 1966 2 7
 Baby Talk 6 maj 1967 6 1
 Bombom 5 augusti 1967 2 8
  Top Ten Chart was started as Melodiradion's answer to Radio Nord's Top 20 list. The vote went so that a local jury was recruited to a
place somewhere in Sweden. The program went live on Saturday afternoons at 3 p.m. Youngpeople had to press so-called mentometer
buttons, and a clattering sound went out on the radios. The sound was claimed to come from the voice buttons themselves but came
from a toy which was handled by the presenter Carl-Eiwar.

From the beginning, the jury was in two cities, with Stockholm being the permanent jury location. The jury had to listen to ten new
ones songs an hour before the program went on the radio. Of these, five songs were voted on, which they then challenged ten that
were on the list. The 15 songs that remained were played in the program, and the audience got through theirs mentometer buttons
first vote on which songs would go off the list. Finally, the ten songs that had been played were playedmost popular and the audience
now had to vote for a single song. There was none at this time possibility to check that the voting was correct. There were certainly
many people who voted for several songs.The jury system was an extremely complicated procedure.

During the summer of 1962–1966, Top Ten Chart was replaced by Summar Top. There was only one jury in the chosen one the city
and only one round of voting was conducted instead of the three that applied in the main program. The circumstantial voting procedure
was scrapped in the main program as well. It happened in September 1963. It happened allowed to vote for three songs. Of course,
the young people took advantage of the chance and the opportunity to vote for theirs own favorite local bands at Top Ten Chart.

  • The most successful artists on Top Ten.
  • (the numbers show points, weeks and songs).

  • 1. The Beatles, 1812, 264, 35
  • 2. Cliff Richard, 676, 118, 21
  • 3. The Rolling Stones, 607, 99, 16
  • 4. Elvis Presley, 593, 83, 19
  • 5. The Hep Stars, 578, 89, 12
  • 6. The Beach Boys, 565, 103, 19
  • 7. The Hollies, 552, 97, 19
  • 8. Creedence Clearwater Revival, 423, 69, 8
  • 9. Tages, 408, 67, 13
  • 10. Hermans Hermits, 394, 74, 12

  • Top 10 was presented during the years 1961-74.
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