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  • Listen to a few verses from the fine pop song Raring with the HOOTENANNY SINGERS recorded in 1968.
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  • HOOTENANNY SINGERS history from the big breakthrough and beyond during the years 1964-74.

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  • HOOTENANNY SINGERS LPs, EPs and singles from 1964-74. Click on the album covers to read about the songs
    and listen to about 30 seconds of the songs at the streaming service Spotify.
  • HOOTENANNY SINGERS placements on the Swedish Top Chart were many during the years 1964-75.
    A total of 38 songs ended up on the Swedish Top Chart, of which 5 were number one.
  • HOOTENANNY SINGERS placements on the Swedish list, Top Selling Records, Kvällstoppen during the years 1964-71.
    Click play to listen to the signature melody for Kvällstoppen.
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  • Links to yesterdays Swedish and foreign pop stars. From past to present.
  • Pictures and photos of HOOTENANNY SINGERS from album covers and various pop magazines from the sixties.
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  • Articles from various pop magazines and magazines in the sixties as well as from several local newspapers and theirs
    digital archives.
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  • Swedish version. HOOTENANNY SINGERS Official Webbsida.
  • 28 of Swedens Biggest, Best and Most Popular Pop Groups in the Sixties are presented here.

  • The English popgroup The Deejays, chose to pursue a career in Sweden instead of in pop's homeland
    England! The Dee Jays became very popular and had several hits on the Swedish Top Ten charts.
  • Perhaps the first Swedish Pop-Rock and Dance band is represented by none other than cult figures
    Sven Ingvars. They were already formed in 1956 and made a big splash in the early sixties.
  • Read about Jerry Williams. His real name was Erik Fernström. One of Swedens most popular singers.
  • Listen to a medley of all the bands hits. Click Play at the bottom of the page to listen.
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